Established in 2006, Q Acoustics has been a success from the very start. Its first products, the '1000 Series' sent a seismic shock through the UK loudspeaker industry, received unprecedented praise from reviewers worldwide and scooped prestigious awards. More awards and international acclaim followed with the release of the upgraded '1000i Series' and then again for the '2000 series'.

Now Q Acoustics introduces the improved '2000i Series' and the 'Concept 20'. The 2000i models are outstanding loudspeakers, offering truly exceptional sonic performance and elegant contemporary design, at an astonishingly affordable price.

The 'Concept 20' is a special loudspeaker which goes beyond anything that Q Acoustics has achieved before. Quite simply it is a 'breakthrough' product. For the Concept 20 project the design team utilised advances in technology, and also applied scientific methodology, to address the problem of cabinet resonance. Cabinet resonance has long been recognised as the single biggest hurdle preventing speaker designers delivering true 'high end' performance at a reasonable price. The 'Concept 20' proves cabinet resonance is a problem no longer.